Dreaming… ♥

Wise Guys – Got To Get Up

Dreaming of the girl* I saw
Smiling, wish I could be sure.
Did she* hear my name, does she* feel the same?
Yesterday is far away, where am I today?

I got to get up, I know I got to get to you,
got to make a break and get up!
I’m gonna get up, I’m gonna find me someone new,
and I think I’m gonna ask you
to show me what I’ve got to do
so I can get you to get up with me!
Got to get up, I really want to stick to you,
and I really love you.

Baby, how can I reply?
Maybe I’m reaching for the sky –
They say I wait too long – I’m changing!
This time I’m getting strong.
Finally I can see everything is up to me.
I got to get up, I know I got to get to you…

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